Soloing and Risk. (Part 2)

I wanted to jump on this before yet another person found it and told me to read, only to end the conversation with "That could be you, you never know what can happen". The rant\ heart felt feelings below come via The Climbing Narc. You should read the post, then read Max Zolotukhin post on his accident, then I would suggest reading Jamie Emerson's post on the subject, as always with blogs, be sure to read the comments section. Knowing the content of the above posts and comments is important to understanding the content below.

Where have I been??

21-October-09 Warm up; 5' on Airdyne Training: Standing finger curls 6x12@45 Lunges: 6x20@40 Bent over row 6x12@65 Clean 6x12@45 Back Extensions: 6x12 4x with 90" rests 15 Dumbbell swings @40 5 pull ups Mini leg blaster 10 Push ups 22-October-09 30 min run....heart rate monitor wasn't working. 20 min stretching PM: Warm up: 5 min … Continue reading Where have I been??

Mental toughness and progress.

There were a lot of things that I was going to write about, but I've decided to keep away from some arguments. One was a discussion started on Scott Semple's amazing blog. It has been continued over at Blake Herrington's blog. The discussion revolves around climbing sponsorship, spray, and really the state of climbing media. I was going to jump in, but I'm just going to let it go. For sure I have some views on this topic, but I don't know enough so I'm going to stay out of it.

Goal Setting

Over a year and a half ago now I got really into training.   I lost about 20 pounds, was fitter than when I was in High School and climbing harder and with more confidence than I ever had.  Then last January I nearly sliced my index finger off and along with that went my drive.  … Continue reading Goal Setting