Twenty Blocks

Our apartment is behind a locked gate and a tall brown stained fence that keeps the street away from the four units along the gravel path that makes up our little complex. That gate swings open and one of our neighbors returns from her run. She is so dedicated to this daily practice that -... Continue Reading →


I step out into the cold, or what has come to pass for cold after six years of mild winters. It instantly reminds me what cold days were like in Cleveland. The way the hairs in my nose would freeze together instantly, only to be released with the next exhale. How it would take six... Continue Reading →

Notes from Bike to Work Day

Today is Bike to Work Day. Which means just another trip to work for me and a lot of my friends. I don't say this to be braggart, but just a simple statement of fact. It has moved from something that sets us apart to just something we do. Something that has weaved its self... Continue Reading →

Gotta get down on Friday

My day starts the same as it always does, with a cat acting up at 545 am. I sit up in bed and walk over to my two awaiting phones and my stack of clothes for the day, doing my best to not wake my girlfriend. Unlike me, she enjoys sleep so I do my best... Continue Reading →

I just couldn’t leave it alone.

Unlike the rest of Cleveland I did not watch the hour long LeBron James special.  Not because I didn't care, but because I didn't know that someone would stoop so low as to have an hour long special about where they're going to do their job next year.  I just didn't know it was happening.... Continue Reading →

The Bamboo Bomber

I see it from the corner of my eye as I walk into the hallway of the apartment building. Turning, I take a long look at the board.  Half the griptape is missing the I can see the grime encrusting the bearings.  The nose and tail are a bit more beat up then the last... Continue Reading →

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