Old School

Tacks! TACKS! I know this is yesterday's news but.... TACKS!!! Fucking Tacks! Nothing is so beautifully old school than throwing tacks on the road. This years edition of Le Tour has been short on drama, but now there's a mystery. Who put the tacks down? Why did they put the tacks down? Why did Pier … Continue reading Old School


I watched the last half of the Prologue  coverage on NBC -- Versus -- Uniwhatever this morning. Watching TTs are boring, except for when they show someone charging toward the line with their mouths wide open and their eyes gone cross. What I really wanted to see, what I was putting off breakfast for, was … Continue reading Prologue

More Hero Shit

Yesterday I talked about Andy Schleck taking control and showing us "some real hero shit". I neglected to mention another hero from stage 18, that was Cadel Evan's ride. When he dropped the hammer to save his tour, not caring that he was dragging along most of his main competitors. That's how you reach up … Continue reading More Hero Shit