The enigma that is Kaplemuur Independent released a video manifesto last week which laid forth what bikes should be about. In short, they are for anything that can be done with a bike. There was an impromptu #forbikes twitter shout-outs and it was great to see what made people excited about cycling. I skipped out … Continue reading #FORBIKES

Fight Gone Out.

A lot of pixels have been misaligned here talking about racing, The PRO’s, my own insignificant racing - back when I first started riding again and thought that my suffering was worth reporting, and the fact that I haven’t been racing this year. This is probably going to be another one of those posts. For … Continue reading Fight Gone Out.


The root of the word Amateur means to love. That one does their chosen hobby not for payment, because they love it. I love riding and racing my bike. I love the solo hours spent exploring country roads. I love the feeling of covering a vast amount of land while conversing with friends, even sharing those … Continue reading Amateurism