Looking For Love

You know that phase you go through after a hard break up? When you’re not quite ready to settle down, but its been so long since you’ve checked out the scene that you’re not even sure what it’s like out there now. Or maybe you’re being pulled into something different than you once had and … Continue reading Looking For Love

Discount Culture

In a post last Wednesday I hinted at the idea that I feel amateur teams aren't deserving of free money, or maybe even the supposed exchange of business name on the jersey for a discount. This is a set up shops have had with "sponsored" teams since for a long time, but last week I … Continue reading Discount Culture

Shop Time

I work at a bike shop. Well, not a real bike shop, but one of giant internet retailers that "are killing the small local shop". Except when it comes to those people who snag big deals on the net on gear they have no idea how to handle. Then those same people show up at … Continue reading Shop Time