N+0 (The Bike that Inspired my story)

  I have a small piece in the March Issue of Bicycling, which is on newsstands now (are they still called newsstands? Maybe find where ever you buy your magazines) It's about dedicating myself to owning one bike, an idea I picked up the now passed Tati Cycles. The experiment didn't go as smoothly as... Continue Reading →

I Miss my Road Bike

I miss my road bike. The cross bike I've been enjoying is nice, all the flats I've been getting aside. It's just not the same. Maybe, I'm not beyond admitting this, it has to do with how badly I suck at ripping through the dirt. But there is something more. What I feel like I... Continue Reading →

Obey Your Master

There has been one silent character running through out all the stories and all the writing about riding and training. Sometimes he appears by name, other times I mention the things he tells me. But no matter the context he is always there. He is the Garmin Edge 500 mounted to my stem. Yes, there... Continue Reading →

Material Appreciation

So much has been written about the "realness" of steel, that it has long since become cliche. Steel's realness, and carbon or aluminum's lack it, is most often touted by hipster who don't know any better and grouches who think that real bike racers died off sometime in the late 80's. Or as seems to... Continue Reading →

One More Minute

I got a couple past due bills, I won't get specific I got a problem with spending before I get it -- Kanye This line, from West's All Falls Down, popped into my head as I crested the North side of Rocky Butte for the second time in ten minutes. I'm not sure what caused... Continue Reading →

Anti – PRO

As Amateurs we hold members of the Professional Peloton for how our bikes should look, how we should dress and what specs are proper for cycling in the professional ranks. Which is how it should be. After all these are the people who have achieved the pinnacle of the racing experience. They epitomize cycling style,... Continue Reading →

A Movement Toward Suffering.

Bill Strickland's monthly column brought up some interesting issues in regards to the roll suffering plays for us amateurs. He followed that up in his weekly column explaining why he reacted the way he did to his friend's reprimand. After reading the print column a reader asked Mr. Strickland Why it mattered so much to him.... Continue Reading →

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