Steam Rolled: A TDF Wrap Up.

Congratulations to Wiggo! He crushed the time trials, his team strangled the peloton in the mountains and he gave Cavendish two brilliant lead outs. Wiggins has gotten a lot of (somewhat deserved) shit this year from the press, but he did the proper thing by setting up the World Champ so he could do what... Continue Reading →


I guess the old 1 -2 isn't always effective. Michele Bartoli bested it back in 97. Just like Phil did last year. The 90s Recognize!

More Classics

The Ardennes classics started yesterday with the mid-week Brabantse Pijl (Vokler won!), but really gets underway on Sunday with the Amstel Gold Race. To celebrate I will enjoy Sunday's breakfast with bottle of Amstel poured into a Martini glass.  Will Gilbert finally return to the form we saw last year when he made the Shlecks look... Continue Reading →

Wild Speculations

There's not a whole lot going on around these parts. There's no road racing to be had, and most of the cycling news is centered around Cyclocross. A pursuit your author doesn't partake in, and therefore pays little attention to the comings and goings of six or so people who win cross races. Given the... Continue Reading →

More Hero Shit

Yesterday I talked about Andy Schleck taking control and showing us "some real hero shit". I neglected to mention another hero from stage 18, that was Cadel Evan's ride. When he dropped the hammer to save his tour, not caring that he was dragging along most of his main competitors. That's how you reach up... Continue Reading →

Some Hero Shit.

A while back, during the Tour of California in fact, I posted a open letter to Mr. Andy Schleck. Who I might add (though I should have to.) is currently sitting pretty with a yellow shirt on and holding a stuffed Lion. Though it's improbable that Mr. Schleck read my letter,  I like to think that when... Continue Reading →

Schleck Slayer.

Today that was Phillipe Gilbert. Last year it was Alberto Contador (even if he did cheat.) I know that racing at that level is hard, harder than I can ever comprehend, but you're paid to do it and the least you can do is try to break the man. Even if it is a seemingly... Continue Reading →

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