You have to get up early if you want to ride with b|f and crew. I didn’t wake up early enough, telling myself that the gap between my 5:45 alarm and my 6:15 meet up with b|f was big enough for me to continue to lay in bed until five after six. I put down... Continue Reading →

Click Track

My wife tolerates the persistent electronic beep that finds its way through the closed door with more presence than the guitar does. I now try to get the practice done in the hours where she is at work, and I have done my writing to reduce the anxiety that can come with the steady beat... Continue Reading →

A Constant Struggle

We were riding around Mercer Island when Mark asked me if “writing cleared my head?” I answered with a quick “No” and for the next twenty minutes I proceeded to burden him with my process, and the emotional knots I’m capable of twisting myself into while writing. I don’t think it was the answer he... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Know

It’s my first ride in three weeks. It has been so long since I’ve felt the twin sensations of a warm sun and cool wind on my face, as I ride down the hill from my house to the trail. I used to love that sensation, today it feels almost foreign, half remembered. My legs... Continue Reading →

N+0 (The Bike that Inspired my story)

  I have a small piece in the March Issue of Bicycling, which is on newsstands now (are they still called newsstands? Maybe find where ever you buy your magazines) It's about dedicating myself to owning one bike, an idea I picked up the now passed Tati Cycles. The experiment didn't go as smoothly as... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit Fearful.

I've been thinking about fear and all the ways it holds me back, a lot lately. The number of ways I allow it to prevent me from reaching the next plateau are numerous, but I only recently started seeing the penchant for holding myself back as fear. For me, fear predominantly manifests it's self in... Continue Reading →

How Many Times?

They’d been there a long time, and really, I’d seen them in glimpses of myself, growing in stature, a bit more round, a little more sag, and growing pile of t-shirts I was starting to avoid, but a week ago they overwhelmed me, and I started to hate, and then accept, and finally, decided to... Continue Reading →

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