I have been and done many things. A friend says I have lived a thousand lives. Currently, I live in Seattle, Washington and work as a freelance journalist. I like bikes, music, inexpensive, yet amazing soundig guitars and getting by with one bike (might not seem like a stretch, but ask a cyclist how many bikes they have and you’ll understand.). My lack of an automobile is not a political protest.

My work has appeared in: Conquista cycling quarterly, ROAD Magazine, VeloNews, Cyclocross magazine, The Bone Shaker Almanac,  and The Dirt Bag Diaries.

Locally I work with Low Pressure Promotions/MFG Cyclocross documenting Seattle Area cyclocross.




5 thoughts on “About

    1. What would you like to join?

  1. Bob, just discovered your blog and enjoy your writing. Grew up south of Seattle, now live in St. Paul, MN.

    Not sure I should tell you this, but the thing that’s moving double speed is… the top of the wheels are moving at double the speed that the overall bike is moving. The bottom of the wheels (i.e., where the tire touches the ground) is stationary (unless skidding). The hubs, attached to the rest of the bike, move at the speed of the bike.

    I hope this doesn’t ruin the metaphor for you. If so, just delete my comment!

    1. Paul, Thanks for the comments. I pulled the tube thing from issue two of Peloton magazine. I knew it was junk science right away, so the metaphor was a stretch to being with. Thanks for reading!


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