Recent Works and Skunkworks Projects


The New Issue of GRIT.CX


I have new piece in the most recent issue of GritCX. The story, about Seattle local and former U23 US champ Zach McDonald. We covered a lot of ground in our hour and a half interview, done at Ventoux Roasters and Heart Coffee, a cycling themed joint not far from our respective homes. Sadly, word limits are a restriction that should be heeded and somethings needed to go.

Zach—unfairly I think—takes a lot of shit for his outlook on racing, but I tend to believe that the people giving him shit for his cost v benefits approach are amateurs with a rosy view of the racers life, especially one who has been doing it as long as Zach has. Burn out is a thing that happens, and it happens to be a state I am particularly sympathetic to at this point in my life. Lastly, Zach is—apologetically- his own person and I dig that; quite a bit.

This story is also the third time I’ve shot the photos accompanying my words, and I happen to actually like one of them. You can find the story here: GRIT.CX

Favorite Photo from the GRIT piece

Secondly, and coming down the pipeline this summer (hopefully), I am “self-funding” (for lack of a better term) a long form story that will be published on these pages. I hope to have a new site up by that point as well.

I’ve been working on the story since January, when, in a strange bout of self-confidence I decided I was no longer going to accept a “no” from editors (or worse—no response at all) and I reached out to Courtney Hartman, a Brooklyn based guitarist and songwriter, whose intentional improvisations and literary songwriting I happen to like—a lot—and for reasons I won’t ever understand she agreed to let me badger her with questions and point a camera at her.

Hartman at the Tractor Tavern last Wednesday

I figured that I had the required equipment: a computer, recorder, and a camera that could take decent pictures if I could only figure out where to point it. I also reckoned that if doing this type of writing is what I really want to do, then I should find a way to do, even if the traditional channels said “No thanks.” I’ve pretty much finished with the reporting part of this story, and I’m ready to start writing. The piece will be edited by my friend Chris, whose edited things of mine that have appeared elsewhere. He also knows how to handle my overly emotional ass.


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  1. I didn’t know we did work together, but I really like your work.

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