Where I’m Working: MFG Cyclocross.


For the last three cyclocross season I have worked with local race promoters Low Pressure Promotions, better known as MFG Cyclocross. The six race series is probably the second most attended in the US, with numbers that consistently rival those of the more infamous Cross Crusade, which takes place in and around Portland.

I meet Zac and Terry shortly after moving to Seattle, when I started doing a weekly ride hosted by their other business, the renown Cascade Bicycle Studio. When it came time for my first season of CX in Seattle, the pair approached me about writing the race reports for the elite races. I jumped at the chance.

At the time I had only published three or four personal pieces, and had no clips that required actual reporting. I attacked the task with my typical hubris, deciding that I was going to write something beyond your typical race report. And, as these things always go, I learned pretty quickly that I didn’t know how to write your typical race report, let alone one that could play with the form.

Three seasons on, I’m still working on figuring it out, but I think I’m getting better at it. These reports opened up a lot of opportunities for me. The MFG gig lead to my first print piece that was based off reportage, and not my opinion, and then a second, along with a bit more confidence. Though I’m still working on that part as well. But more importantly, this has been a learning opportunity.

Here’s a link to this past weeekend’s report: MFG North 40

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