Damned Wind

“That type of riding is so much more fun than just
Going out and attacking the shit out of each other.”
I told ZD as we climbed the last little bump before
Going our separate ways. I have to say
It twice because I have a mush mouth
And because of the wind, and the sounds of
The evening.

That type of riding is the four up paceline we
(and Terry and Derek) rode forty minutes
Earlier, trading short pulls in the wind
(One, Two, multiple pedal strokes)
Before being sheltered by the guy who
You protected and then by the guy who
Put you there in the first place.

That rhythm is (at first) like the climber’s rope
I used to tie in to, protecting you when you’re
In the wheels – your partners paying out the slack –
but then becomes the one you use to damn near
Hang yourself with in that damned wind.


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