Scattered Thoughts

I missed Monday’s post because I’ve been working on some freelance stuff but I wanted to drop a few quick words here. These things have rattling around in my head a bit. They might become a full blow post at some point.

– Road season is truly here!

-Monday I had my eyes checked. The optometrist walked me out of the exam room and right to the glasses counter. Told me he’d be right back and out came a salesman. The Doctor never came back. This gave me a chance to see the face I make when someone tells me “I’m just going to buy them online.”

He followed this by telling me they would check to make sure they were made correctly, for a thirty-five dollar fee. I said I’d keep it in mind and left thinking about how to apply this to a smaller shop. I’ll be damned if not the next day (yesterday) a guy walked in with a bike he bought online, put together. He built the bike, but didn’t think the rear derailleur was quite right. We charged him fifteen dollars for a derailleur adjust. But what if we offered to check over, fix and explain any issues while charging just a bit more? What if we put it out there that my shop would build your internet buy for a fee? Tati Cycles tried something like this at the start of cross.

Last Point.

From Nathan Young's Instagram, though I know he didn't take it because he was racing with me at the moment.
From Nathan Young’s Instagram, though I know he didn’t take it because he was racing with me at the moment.
Photo: Signe Hill
Photo: Signe Hill

I’ve been looking at pics from cross and thinking about how much racing was when I wasn’t trying to atone for some sin that punishing myself in a race could never clean. I wrote that idea in my notebook yesterday while I ate my lunch and sipped a well grade Gin and Tonic before heading back to work.

From there I thought about how much racing motivated me, even though I know I’ll never win a race. There has to be some middle ground, where I race, but not to the point where I miss out on some long, awsome ride because “I”m racing this week”. Tim Johnson nailed it last year in Velonews.

I’m not saying that middle ground doesn’t exist – it does. The wonder is whether I can find it or not.


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