Becoming Native

I spent the first months of my time in Seattle riding alone. In that time I struggled to navigate numbered streets crossing numbered avenues and often chose the shortest known route to work while exploring the easier to navigate roads of Olympic Peninsula on my weekends, always with only a set of headphones and the music on my phone for company.

It wasn’t until March that I was able to rearrange my schedule to include one of the few group rides (worth doing) in Seattle. That meant waking at six and riding the thirteen miles from Edmonds to Fremont took part in a two hour group ride, then ride nineteen miles back north to Lynwood to work eight hours. With the short ride home after work I would often end up with close to 100K on a weekday. The kilometers were secondary to group I was becoming a part of.

Cascade Bicycle Studio already had a crew of solid friends who took part in their rides. That group, I would learn later, had come together after going through what I did when first moved north from Portland.

Cross season gave me the opportunity to spend more time with these guys, and I was asked if I wanted to join the “Anti-team team”. I knew from the get go that this would be unlike any other team I had been on. There would be no discussion of sponsors. No corralling people for races or required team rides. A club – just guys who like to ride together, and explore the back roads. It’s founding principles were in line with where my own riding was heading.

We all ride for a variety of reasons, but the communities we build through hours on the road or trail is a an important part of what brings us back out each day, whether you race, or “just ride”. Finding like minded people to share whatever those experiences define your riding.

No sponsorships
No Product Pitches
No Socks or Bidons
Just rides

We’re going to document these rides, which is what we’ve been doing in on our own for a while. Now it will just be under one umbrella. #nativeinthewild. There will be a home for all this soon. Stay tuned.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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