The Soul of a Bike

By now you know that Specialized has thrown their massive legal weight into a fight for the soul of one of the company’s flagship models, the Roubaix. You know the bike that has won a race, that goes over the ancient cobblestone roads between the the French cities of Paris and Roubaix.

So what exactly is threatening the soul of the bike that has been ridden to victory by Boonen and Cancellara? Why a small bike shop in Canada of course.

I’m going to leave the legal arguments to people who can make them much better than this Anthropology major could. Suffice it to say my desire to sell someone a Specialized has been cooled, as has my love for their Toupe saddle. If I had the cash I would have swapped out both the saddle and the handlebars on my Trek on Saturday.

In the days since there’s been a ton of “Love your products, but this is lame” kind of thing going on, but not really an urge to from those with an actual voice (hint not this blog) to actively boycott their product. Here’s the thing about the bikes “being nice”.

I’ve ridden nearly every level of Roubiax and there is a vast difference between the S Works with Dura Ace, which can be purchased (at least at my shop) for 8,500 greenbacks (Well outside of the reach of most recreational riders.), and the models that my store sells the most of, the 1,700 dollar model which comes equipped Shimano Sora and has the rigidity of an al dente pasta noodle. I’ll ignore the fact that NO BIKE WITH SORA SHOULD COST CLOSE TO A THOUSAND DOLLARS, and just say there there are much better bikes out there, within the reach of your everyday rider. I don’t think they’ve got much soul.

It’s my job to sell bikes, some that have that big ass red S, but you can bet your ass that I’m going to make sure they ride some of those better bikes and hope that those companies aren’t as short sighted as Specialized.

Till then I’ll always think of this when I hear Roubaix:


1 thought on “The Soul of a Bike

  1. They sued the guy because he sells low quality chinese carbon wheels and tires that say Roubaix on them… Its a red flag for their industry leading watchdogs. These same practices are why if you sell Specialized you don’t have to fight all the online discounters out there. The PR dept screwed up not addressing this situation sooner. The original article was written from a very biased and sensationalist POV…

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