Luxury Items, Take 2

This post started out differently (you can read the draft here). It was about my desire for a pair of fancy shoes. I wrote it Saturday day night, after dinner, full of piss and vinegar. Fired up to “achieve something” using all the standard bullshit that experts tell you to do if you want to reach your goals. I knew it was bullshit after I’d written the last part.

There was something inauthentic about it. Something that wasn’t me. At least not the person I want to be. In the time between writing that post, I’ve been reading, thinking and riding, but there were two posts in particular that had me not rethinking the original writing, but rewriting it.

Lately I’ve been digging through the archives of two blogs (there will be a post about what I’m into right now coming on Wednesday) I plugged one of them last week in this post, but Rob Vandermark’s Tomorrow is Already Yesterday is a wonderful look into how ideas at Seven move forward into bikes and concepts for riding.

Speaking of concepts for riding, there is Honey Bikes, which I’ve also been lusting after because of what they appear to be — amazing production steel bikes. Though I should mention that I haven’t actually seen one in the flesh, but goddamn do they look sweet and the idea behind them is pretty great too.

But it’s just not Honey. It’s also Chip Baker, known on twitter as velocb. I’ll leave you to read this post, about love, but there is more along these lines. Because I’m starting to get off track.

So here’s the thing. I don’t want the fucking shoes. I’m not going to ever give any money to charlatans like Joel Olsteen. They are a poison on society.

I do want to do the rando series in 80 percent time because I think its hard and beautiful, not because I want some bullshit shoes I don’t need. I want to do it because I love bikes. I love riding. I love bikes.

So I’m going to try to do it, not for yak leather shoes, not because I think its some how going to subdue my faults or erase them all together (though it doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop using bikes to process them). If that actually happened just by riding I would be near enlightenment. I’m going to attempt for love of bikes and for love of myself.

Fuck all the other bullshit.


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