Looking For Love

You know that phase you go through after a hard break up? When you’re not quite ready to settle down, but its been so long since you’ve checked out the scene that you’re not even sure what it’s like out there now. Or maybe you’re being pulled into something different than you once had and you’re looking for a different set of qualities in a partner. That’s where I’m at with my bike search at the moment.

Me and the bike I was unconditionally devoted to for two year – we’re still together in the strictest sense I suppose, but we’re currently living apart, with little change of reconciliation. I know it has someone courting it, but its still not anything serious, but I think its move to Portland was a good one.

As for me? I’ve been looking, but I change my mind daily and sometime thrice and my co-workers are starting to make fun of me. “What are you looking at now?” “Oh! So we’re back to _____”  I have nearly filled a notebook page with number: stack, reach, stand over, bb drop and how big a tire it will fit. All the things that are important about how the bike will fit and maybe how it will handle and ride.

Those last two factors are the tricky ones. I don’t really know how those qualities will be expressed without a proper test ride. I had told myself at one point, when this search first started that I was just going to ride a cross bike, but honestly, I don’t like the way cross bikes handle on the road, so I’m back to looking for a something that with at least one of the qualities of my recently estranged former beloved.

Of course there are the objects of lust. Bikes that seem to possess all the qualities you’re looking for, but are out of reach, though we can see that as a quality one would want to shy away from. There are others, but they lack something I’d really enjoy… fender mounts. Yes I know there are workarounds for that, but are they that workable? I live in Seattle so perhaps you understand.

Sigh. The search continues.

The Parade:

2013-Specialized-Secteur-Disc-Details02 download evergreen-slx-pop salsa_wb2 Soma Smoothie ES

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