Preparing for the Work.

A week, maybe two ago I wrote about the type of riding I was planning on doing this summer. I have a goal, though I’ve moved to the goal post a bit and changed the event I was going to do. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of the Seattle to Spokane route and whether or not I could do it. Maybe its just self doubt, I guess I won’t know. However, Redmond cycling club does host another ride, known as the Cannonball ride. Coincidentally, it still goes to Spokane, but follows the tamer route along I-90. The route is only a little shorter, but has about 3K less climbing.

Either way I was going to need some kind of plan to pull this off. Last year I drifted, riding long when I wanted, mostly at a moderate pace out across the Hood Canal and to Port Townsend for espresso and pastries, getting lost on unmarked Forest Service roads, or taking the long way to work. I had spent the last two years of cycling, and the previous five before that always following some kind of training plan. I asked a friend to write one up for me last year, but I stopped following it when I realized I wouldn’t be racing.

It’s been slow at work, being October/ November and all and I’ve plenty of time to sketch something out.

For some reason I work better when I am physically writing the plan out, like the pencil sets it, not in stone obviously, but gives it some kind of permanence. The next step however is the hardest, and that is doing the work. There are books I can read to get stoked (like the top one in the photo) and I can refine the plan, filling in long rides and brevets and other events, but none of that matters until I do the work.

photo (2)

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