Too Early for Summer Plans?

It’s only October and there is still a long winter to get through, but I’ve found that as I get older time seems to move faster and when I remind myself of that simple phenomena I don’t feel so bad dreaming about days of summer riding, and how amazing they’ll be after a winter of slogging out miles preparing myself to make the most of warm riding days months ahead. Still there is an element of shooting myself in the foot, as I still have Autumnal plans I want to execute, so for the meantime these summer plans will remain dreams.

Still they get talked over at work. They get fleshed out a bit as I add other rides to prepare for biggest goal of the summer, which is Seattle to Spokane. But I want to go beyond “events” next summer and just enjoy long rides to far out spots, just for the sake of seeing where a road bike can take me, and whoever decides to come along. Because long solo rides are all well and good (and indeed sometimes a necessity) they are much more fun when shared with others.

Just one of ideas I'm turning over.
Just one of ideas I’m turning over.

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