Spectation and Participation

Me aping what I've been watching over the internet, albeit with a lot less speed and skill.
Me aping what I’ve been watching over the internet, albeit with a lot less speed and skill. Photo: Signe Hill

I’ve been watching a few of last season’s cross races lately. I have a few of them saved on my tablet, but its easy to find whole races, not just the highlights, on youtube. In years past I did the same for road racing, but that stopped when I fully accepted that I wasn’t going to be racing last season. I still watched races when I could and I watched the tour, but the knowledge that I wasn’t going to be doing that weekend what I was watching on my computer screen.

That’s one of the great things about cycling, you can easily participate – partaking in close approximation to what your favorite Pros are doing. I say close approximation because rubbing elbows in a Cat 4 crit, or hell even your local 1/2 is nothing like lining up at a NRC race. This fact is something cycling provides that other, more popular sports don’t.

Since fall is here (ignore the fact that it will reach 90 today in Seattle) people aren’t just thinking about cross. If you work your work place is anything like mine, the primary topic of conversation is the past weekend’s Football game. A sport that by & large, most ardent fans don’t participate in. They may have in high school, and possibly college, but those days are probably long past. I doubt you’d see them organizing a regular pick up game with their buddies, unless they’re under the age of sixteen.

This fall, especially if you live in the New England, you have the opportunity to race on the very same course as the Pros you see in the magazines — before they get to. Cycling gets rid of that wall between fan and participant. Spectation and Participation.


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