Wagered Expectations

2012-10-13 15.25.54
Luke Demoe lapped the single speed field at Ninkrossi last year. It was the first time I’d seen someone truly fly on a single speed. Photo RJGrunau

I wasn’t going to race cyclo-cross this year. I was so burned out at the end of last cross season that I couldn’t get really excited to start road training. In hindsight I know that burned out feeling was really me being wiped out physically and emotionally as I left Portland and came north to Seattle. Then I didn’t enter a single road race or crit and so I thought a little about it.

Then I landed a gig working for MFG Cyclocross here in Seattle. Then it only made sense to then actually race, since my Sunday’s would be spent watching people do the thing I cried all spring about not doing. Then there was another gig, that allowed me to get to replace the cross rig I’d sold after moving.

Now I find myself excited to be part of the goings on here. The racing, the writing opportunities, and just being around bike racing again.

We were talking about this on the Thursday ride when and I mentioned that I was racing the fours. Last year I had done OK in CAT 3 road races (not crits, I’m terrible at those.) but had been only been so-so in racing C’s during cross, so I thought that racing the fours on a single speed wouldn’t be sandbagging. I was using that single speed as a defense against John who was attempting to rally Terry behind his “Bob the sand bagger cause”. He was telling me that I should be racing the single speeds, where I was sure to get my ass kicked by guys who could never catch, but would come no where near finishing at the back — maybe.

That’s when I decided to dig a hole.

“OK, I’ll tell you what. I’ll buy you a six pack if I kick some serious ass at the first race then I”ll upgrade and race the single speeds. Not some shitty sixer either!”

“How about some fries from…” My bad hearing and the rain prevented me from hearing  where he wanted them from

“OK, fries and a medium level sixer” Terry said “Now what’s really kicking ass?”

“Top twenty” John said.

“Oh hell no!” I replied

“How about top five.” Terry offered.

“Alright.” we agreed.

I know it is going to cost me money, and I don’t know why I’m so intent on proving John right but if I dig a little bit deeper it is clear that perhaps I’m acknowledging that I’m constantly underestimating myself and that maybe I’m trying to blow up the limitations I set on myself.

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