Crit Watching

I finally made it to a bike race. It was a last minute affair, since I didn’t find out about until I was half – way through my Saturday of selling bikes. The Brad Lewis Memorial Crit, which takes place on Boat Street in front of Recycled Cycles. Knowing nothing of Seattle bike racing or anyone involved (Zach McDonald was there so I guess I knew of one person) I was simply calling it “The Boat Street Crit”. Which I think is the what I first heard it called when I moved here. But anyway.

I don’t want to leave you with the impression that I raced, because well, I didn’t. My legs were so wrecked that I couldn’t have done it if I had wanted to. I did ride in the morning, and that was an hour and fifteen at a thirteen mile an hour average, a pace I was thankful for. No, Signe and I went to the U- District, had lunch, bought some books and magazines and then walked down for some racing.

The race was sparsely attended, as most local races are. There was something about the crits in Portland that gave them a more compact community feel. It probably has something to do with the small city blocks and the fact that its hard to paste together a four corer crit that doesn’t take up half the town. City blocks are 250 feet in PDX and the roads are narrower.  But yeah, those are generalizations based on one race, so here’s your grain of salt.

We watched the Woman’s 1/2/3 race which was fun and aggressive with good team work. The men’s race was also pretty aggressive, with some questionable team tactics, like one team’s rider hammering away at the front of the peloton even though he had two teammates in the break. He looked like he was hurting, and I was a little jealous of his pain and the opportunity to make the same mistake. Well except for the Aero helmet. I don’t ever want to make that mistake.

Le Sigh as the saying goes.


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