Other People’s Adventures.

I never do things in the order the “should be done”. The first mountain I climbed was the Hood, via the South Side. The route was the right route, though I’ve done hikes that were harder, but the manner in which I did it was not. Which is why my first solo attempt failed (though we can argue how much one actually “solos” the second most popular route in the world (second to Mt. Fuji). My second attempt also solo but this time successful, was an easy walk very little in my pack (just a jacket and some water and gels.) This was in stark contrast to my first try where I had filled a 55 liter backpack. I had too much bullshit gear and not enough food. I bonked hard.

My second alpine climbing trip was no more disastrous. You can read the story here (warning, it may be terribly written). The point is that I was once again way over packed in addition to being WAY over my head. This way of doing things is just the way I go about it. My bike tour was a similar exercise in ambition slightly outstripping my actual knowledge. I am a much better cyclist than I ever could have hoped to been as a climber, so the riding part wasn’t an issue. What was an issue is that I had never ridden my fully loaded down bike for longer than a block. I also carried too much. Probably enough to be out for double the length of time I was out.  It didn’t stop me from putting in a big day on my first day.

The trip opened my eyes to the allure of covering a lot of ground in a short period of time. The furthest I’ve gone in one go was 190k, that was with an over stuffed bag and a backpack so I know 200k in one go is easily within my grasp. I know I can do 300k over two days, with eight hours of fitful sleep, so this time I’m going to give it a go in one day. This won’t be a big deal to some readers, and in the scheme of things its not a big deal to me, but I am looking for some adventures because well, I’m tired of watching other people’s adventures, so its time to have some of my own.


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