Resting, or Trying to at Least.

Last week I talked about wanting to go fast and light (Its call Randonneuring by the way), on my bike tour. I did go reasonably fast, for me I guess, but I certainly could have gone lighter. I had planned to make the trip a four days, but after I got over being nervous and scared I realized I was moving really well that first day and I decided to combine day one and day two. That made for a 190K day. Which is the longest I’ve gone in a while.

I was scared out of my mind before leaving. Scared that I was going to get totally lost. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to actually do the miles. Which means I was doing the right thing. But like I said Monday I’m saving the details for now.

At the end of the three days I had done nearly as many miles than my biggest week. I was back on Wednesday, and I had planned on spending Thursday writing and sitting with my legs up. Instead I did some writing, had coffee with a friend then went into Seattle to hang out with Jason at Cascade Bicycle Studios. After which I rode the fifteen miles to home. The next day I rode to work, well home from work after getting a flat and having to get a ride from Signe’s Mom. Then I rode to and from work on Saturday, claiming that Sunday would be the day that I didn’t ride. But then I rode down to Phinney Ridge, another 15 miles or so.

I know I need the rest and I’m hoping that today will be the day that I don’t ride. I say that as I think about riding out to a park in Mulketio and laying in the grass.  Hopefully I’ll stay home, read, write and rehabing my bike. Problem is (and this is good problem to have) is that this trip has filled me with so much passion for riding that I feel I just have to do it.

The trip opened my mind to what’s possible on a bike, which is pointing me in directions I didn’t think I’d ever go. I’m also finding that I no longer identify as a “racer”, and I’m hoping to just be able to identify as a cyclist. Even if most the people at work think cyclist are bullshit.


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