This is what my training log has become: Ride Notes

Time: Morning ~ ‘round 9 am.

Weather: Sunny and Clear 56 degrees, which is the bottom end of my spring embro… so why the hell not. No warmers.

Route: Standard Pre-Work Loop: Olympic View/Everett Loop 51.2 K to work.

Time ~1:50:00, based on old times. Could be right, could be wrong.

Notes: The quick rush down mainstreet is always nice, have to work on taking that sharp right onto Olympic. Rode Olympic view at tempo, not quite warmed up, but you make do with what your environment gives you. Saddle is much higher than it was two days ago (1.2 cm) but it feels good, feels right. As far as the the pros go I’m somewhere between Hinault and Lemond, which probably isn’t a safe place to be. But like I said, it feel right. Thought: Damn I have long legs for my height. Does that make me a leggy blonde?
Rode 52nd, not really soft pedaling, but going easier than the last climb. Lots of shit on the road, need to remember to check the tires at work. Really pushed it on the Mukeltio speedway descent. Don’t know how fast I went. Turned small slights against my person into motivation. Turn that slight into an attack against one’s self and decided to rail the climb up Mukeltio BLVD. Rail it I did. Big ring the whole way. Never went lower than my 23 tooth on the climb. Lots of miles last week and I don’t know where this is coming from. Today I am the hammer, which means tomorrow is going to hurt because I will be the nail. Had a story idea, but it was gone before I could even think about keeping it. Climb hurt, but the descent only brought disappointment and a longing for the a lengthier climb.
Little ring from there and most of way to work. Passed a Triathlete, who returned my wave. A first! Let my bare knees darken my legs. It’s much warmer now. Hat off, no helmet. Breeze would be blowing through my hair if I had some.
Looked into someone’s backyard along the path, old boat turned put on stilts and turned into a tree house, brings on a new life goal. Make enough $ to buy a house and build something this cool for my kids.
Throw in two, all out sprints just for the hell of it. Fast enough to hit 53X11 and keep rolling. Bike throw at the end of each sprint. Where are these legs coming from?
Ended Ride at the AM/PM with some chocolate milk. Explained to the girl behind the counter why it was it was ok to have Oreos yesterday, but not today. Eight hours later rode the eight K home. Good ride, tomorrow will hurt. 59.2 K total.


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