Too Much Zef, Ode to a Concor Light.


I love the Selle San Marco’s classic Concor Light Saddle. It’s shape and aesthetic remind me of an era that through the wonders of birth, time and space I never really experienced. To just look at this saddle is to want to ride fast. It appears perfect in every way.

I am not the only one who thinks this. Myth has it that the Lion of Flanders used the same Concor light for his entire career. Each year sending it back to the fine Italian women who stretch and glue the leather on each plastic shell, for a new skin. A revitalized favorite, one thing to always be the same.

Another probably tall tale reveals that Mellow Johnny’s would give new Concor Lights to special customers who would ride said saddle until it was broken in. At which point they would return the throne to Johnny and get a new one. The reason? Lance liked them once they were broken in, but apparently didn’t like the process of breaking them in. Maybe that started after the saddle sore incident. I would have bought that story if they’d said that.

My first desire for my very own Concor Light was aroused after reading about Selle San Marco in Rouleur #20. I wanted my very own handmade Italian good. I obtained one, a white one with whited out logos, which took on a faint black tint after a month or so of use. It looked even cooler after that.

I rode that saddle for a while, until I sold that bike and along with it the saddle. It didn’t seem like a sacrifice at the time. After all this super cool piece of kit would cause numbness every time I dug into the pedals. Of course the feeling always came back, but not always right after the effort. I recall one time trail where it took nearly ten minutes for me to regain feeling. Something clearly wasn’t right. Sadly the Concor Light doesn’t love me back.

We tried to reconcile when I build my beloved road bike back up. It “worked” for a while, except for the numbness and the back pain. Eventually I had to relent and accept that we couldn’t reconcile. Tested, and then bought a new saddle. One that is flatter, wider and just a little bit longer. But I have to admit, it just doesn’t look as good. Sigh…

I’ll have to appreciate it from afar.

Anyone need a new Concor Light?

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