Product Review: Donkey Label Karma Musette and other goodies

I’m a sucker for bags and packs, in part because I hate carrying things with my hands, unless of its a cup of coffee, and in part because I just think they are cool. Right now there are four backpacks in my room and four musettes. All of them get used, depending on my mood and the load I’m carrying.

Musettes are great because they are cheap, easily smash into a jersey pocket and give you a sense of how a company approaches their higher end product, like jerseys, bibs and such. If they are willing to put cool details and good workmanship into a simple, easily produced product then you know their expensive stuff is worth your money.

I can’t recall where I first came across Donkey Label. I can hazily recall Bill Strickland talking about their phone wallet in a Selection post. More than likely it was from Tati Cycles, who has the drop on all that is cool and kind of underground.* Suppose it doesn’t really matter because last week I actually went to their site and oogled some product.

I shouldn’t be buying shit, especially cycling shit — at retail — when I work in a shop. However I couldn’t stop myself when I spied their Karma-copia bundle, for thirty bones you get.

  • One Karma musette – big enough to fit a macbook air

  • One microfibre cloth – which I’ve been using to clean my glasses and finger prints from my phone

  • One small pouch – I put my notebook and pen in this when I take them on a ride.

  • One phone holder – called the “The Pack Animal” it keeps your phone dry and has a slot for your ID and credit card. It also comes with a bookmark which I’m using to mark my page in a volume of Nabokov

I’ve been using the Karma musette since it arrived in the mail. I love this thing. I know there is a moment where the fabric will wet out, but I didn’t find that point on a forty-five minute rainy ride to work (I took the long way). The previously mentioned Nabokov book was kept dry, as was my Nexus 7 tablet. Saturday it was stuffed with my in need of a wash work clothes along with various other sundries. You can actually see the water bead on fabric, which is what you want from something that claims to be waterproof. The only real bone I have is that after a while (like most of the day) the strap starts to get a little uncomfortable. But I also know it wasn’t designed to be carried for an entire day. Its just how I tend to use things.

Check out the rest of Donkey Label’s product line, which includes jerseys, embro, socks and fancy pre and post ride oils. Plus and company that’s willing to put an ass on their products is alright by me.

As with the last few product reviews posted here (and here) these products were purchased with my own money and were not provided for the purposes of review.


* Further looking reveals that it was Tati Cycles that hipped me to this company.


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