Good Show Boys, Mighty Good Show.

Every Monday (or so) I used to write about the previous weekend’s races or races. I haven’t done that in a mighty long while, and have kind of adopted it as a policy. Truth is I don’t have any insider knowledge of bike racing, no kind of tactical know how (to have raced with me is to know this truth)no secret knowledge that allows me to give you, my dear reader, any information that you can’t find at some other more established sites. That and I don’t have the technical skills or the comedic writing chops to do a How the Race was Won video.

Another reason is that sometimes a race is just plain boring and I don’t know enough to say whether it was course, or the riders just didn’t feel like hammering it out that day. But you know what? I’m breaking my “not talking about races” embargo because, HOLY SHIT was yesterday’s edition of the La Doyenne was fucking fantastic!

Two weeks ago when I woke up early to watch Paris-Roubiax on NBC they interrupted the race what seemed like every five minutes to tell me about their Liege – Bastonge – Liege coverage. So at 6:30 yesterday morning I bound down the stairs to watch the race on a big screen without fear of spam.  Sadly I was not greeted by bike racing, but Formula 1 racing, which while being unbelievably cool, was not the reason I removed myself from a warm bed containing my girlfriend and our cat.

Signe’s Mom was on her computer, also a slave to the early hours, was using her computer, so that option was out. I quickly changed my clothes, grabbed Signe’s laptop and ran down to the coffee shop for a cappuccino and some race watching.

I was a bit worried when I didn’t see any blue Garmin helmets at, or near the front of the race, but I was immediately on the edge of my seat when Ryder took his dig and had a go at it. Of course he didn’t take it, but I sat riviteted to my screen trying to contain the urge to start jumping up and down while screaming like a lunatic, much the way my Dad would when the Golden Era Cleveland Browns were charging down the field.

It was the most exciting race I’ve seen in a while, and though the rain was coming down and I didn’t much feel like being soaked, yet AGAIN I just couldn’t help it. I closed the laptop lid, bused my dishes  and ran home to get a ride in. Which is how it should be after watching a race.


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