Its About the Weight

There are times when in a bike shop (like the honest to goodness one I work at now, not an internet retailer because no one walks into those, they are on the internet) when a customer walks whose primary concern is the weight of their bike. In most cases they could stand to loose 10, 15, 20, hell even 30 pounds. The performance benefit of that weight loss is far greater than the benefit one gains by dropping thirty-four grams from your bike (little over one ounce).

This isn’t a critique, as I have fallen into this trap as well. Which is the point of this post.

The guys at Scum City Racing, are trying to raise money for their their 2013 Cyclo-cross campaign. Here’s the thing. I hate the idea of Amateur racers asking for money so they can race their bikes. I even felt a little dirty writing the copy for Team Trailhead Coffee Roasters sponsors packet. Support from local shops is fine, which Trailhead has, but hell, our “title sponsor” didn’t even give us any money.

Amateur kits should look good, with the club name on it and not a shit ton of local businesses. Local business should support racing… but not racing teams. We can get into why I think that later and I’m open to inquires as to why I believe this.

You can tell I don’t want to give them money, but I do care for one of their members whose racing I would like to support. I want him to do better at the races he enters. In part because I’m tired of his self defeating “I suck” tweets, but mostly because I want to see him succeed.

Monday I told him I would donate a hundred dollars from my meager salary if he reached 160 pounds by the start of cross season. That’s sixty pounds of weight loss. 160 happens to be my current weight. Chops and I are the same height, so I’m not asking something impossible.

I of course would like to be lighter for some objectives I have this season so I need to give myself a bit of kick in the ass as well. So, if I don’t reach my goal weight of 150 by reducing my body fat percentage by August I will kick in the extra $150 to reach the “get a kit level”.

If we both make it? Then we’re both healthier and Scum City still gets a hundred bones.

Challenge accepted?


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