Matters of Style pt. 2

I work in an honest to goodness bike shop. Five days a week I go to a retail location and stand on a concrete floor all day (I’m open to boot/shoe recomendations by the way). This is a bit different than my previous industry job, where I worked on the darkside, providing parts at prices lower than an LBS could all the while forcing the consumer to their LBS with a handful of things they aren’t capable of installing themselves. As an aside shops should charge more for servicing these parts, but I digress.

On the sales floor there are three row of mountain bikes, two racks of road bikes, and a handful of flat bar road bikes, kids bikes and Electras. The majority of our sales come from kids mountain bikes and what now passes for mid range road bikes, which I consider to be priced from 2200 – 3000 bones.

I am the only “roadie”. All of the mechanics are mountain bikers, there is a tourer, a “reformed triathlete” so dubbed by one of the mechanics because he bought a dual suspension bike and started going to Whistler. There are others, but I’m not sure how to classify them  as they don’t talk about cycling that much. Actually, I’m maybe the only one who wants to talk about it. The others have been there so long that they seem “over it”. I hope I never end up like that.

There is only so much we can do however. Once the bike is in the Customer’s hands there is nothing to stop them from doing horrible things to their bikes. As I said Monday, I see it as part of my job to guide the Customer in the right direction. All in the hopes of avoiding what you see on the below.2013-02-05 14.51.40 That is an Ultegra equipped Trek Domane with a long stem pointing toward the sky human attempt to rival the tower of Babel. Yes those agree areo bars with foam grips and the STI levers flipped.

There was a fair amount of fun poking, but really it broke my heart to see this bike in this state. Nevermind that the headset was missing a spacer leaving the fork’s carbon steerer to rock and rub against the head tube.
Clearly this isn’t bike the customer needed. It is the one they wanted and that’s the rub.

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