Best Laid Plans

Amateur cross racing is over this part of world. Well there is the USGP this weekend, and one more cross race, but as far as I’m concerned its over. Which means a time for a little break and a chance to work on correcting some of the imbalances of being on bike for hours on end. That also means its time to plan out the next road season.

This is my third road season and I’m approaching things a bit differently this year. Namely I’m only planning one peak, as opposed to two. That peak is for Baker City, which is the race the team picked to focus on. From there it will be another break before starting over to give cross a for real try. None of this show up and see what happens BS.

That one peak also means I’m starting much later than I have the last two years. But with major life changes in the work, my base is set to start once things have settled a bit.

Clearly, the details of the training plan mean nothing. After all I am an amateur and the chances of me crossing the line first, or winning anything other than a gift certificate are slim. Which is something I’m ok with since I don’t race for glory or twenty – five dollars off at one of the local bike shops. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to do well and test myself mentally and physically. The schedule helps me do that.

However plans are really just abstract and mean nothing without action.  Hell I planned to have a real job and be married by the time I was twenty-five. That was eight year ago. What am I doing right now (aside from writing this post) answering phones for an internet bike retailer who will take anything back and sell anything to anyone as long as its at least ten dollars above cost. They pay me shit and I’m not married. So I know how just planning worked out.

Now the map is laid out and its time to act. Get on it.


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