Winter of Content.

I wrote about motivation on Monday and how I was excited to take on a new set of goals. As I thought about it more I realized that I tend to be more motivate around this time of year. Which seems to be the reverse of how it works for most people. I’m not sure what it is about winter that makes me want to train. I’m not sure why I feel more hopeful, like I can actually change for the better, at a time of the year when its cold dark and wet. But after two full seasons of training and racing the following has become clear to me.

  • Winter = Motivation and Drive
  • Summer = Loss of Focus and Floundering

Over the winter my alarm rings its deep bell tone at 5 am and I rise from bed throw on some kit and get out the door. No problems. No hesitation, just action. There was always a little bit of being bummed when I heard rain splattering against the windows, but that would disappear once I had crossed the river and started the climb through River View Cemetery.

Come summer, no matter how badly I think I want it, I just can’t get myself out of bed before six. Hell, getting up before seven is damn near impossible. I go to bed about the same time, so I know its not because I’m sleepy.

Could be that an early summer morning roads are populated with more cyclist and my introverted tendencies. Or it could be that I prefer the morning, provided its dark, cold and wet. I don’t think it matters.


1 thought on “Winter of Content.

  1. Not what I was expecting but wonderful anyway! Well done!

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