Product Review: Castelli Lightness Glove

Note about product reviews: Each product has been purchased by me, without the company’s knowledge. Each product has been used for at least 30 days.

I have a tendency to hoard a few pieces of apparel and accessories. Chief among them is hats, but really if it keeps your head warm and the rain off your eyes it works. Also, I wear a size small helmet with plenty of room of spare, which means most hats don’t fit my pin head.

Gloves on the…errr…. other hand need to keep your hands warm, dry (from both sweat and and rain or snow) while making it possible to get into your jersey pockets without having to take them off while finding some place to put them while you dig for that gel. A task that is nearly impossible to meet, which is why I have so many damn pairs. Hence the need for a versitle pair.

Castelli’s lightness glove is made from the same thermoflex   material as their great arm and leg warmers. The fabric, which is essentially fleece lined, is soft to the touch and light. Which is good when you plan on wearing them for hours at a time.

The Clarino fabric on the palms is coated in a tacky silicon which provides plenty of grip for on the bars or the last gel hiding out in your pocket. And of course the scorpion logo is on the palm so everyone who witnesses your town line victory knows who made your gloves.

The gloves work for me down to 40 degrees and keeps by our hands dry in a light rain. The fit is snug with out being restrictive, making it easy to get into your pockets without having to take them off.

My only real gripe is that the opening is a bit small, which makes it hard to squeeze my mitts in at first. I tried the next size up, but then the fingers were to long. So I went with the medium and just deal with the hassle.

A quick browse of the web and you can find these gloves as low as low as 23.99m but MSRP is 30.00. Either way they are worth it. As per my last review, these gloves were purchased with a discount, from my employer’s inventory.

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