Missing Out

We are in the midst of what is typically referred to as the “Silly Season”. A time of year where riders announce their transfers and speculations are laid to rest with countless stories about this rider going here, that rider moving into a leadership role at such and such team for an undisclosed amount of money (too much to be racing a bicycle). But this season the reports just aren’t as frequent. This due in part to the fact we end up getting most of this non-sense out of the way earlier in the year. Though it probably has more to do with the current pains the sport is experiencing.

For the better part of a month now cycling as sport, past time and hobby has been overwhelmed with the content of USADA’s investigation into Lance Armstrong and subsequently the UCI and its seemingly infinite cronyism, ineptitude and general corruptness. Which is to say things are operating normally in PRO cycling. Now it is out in the open and not in trailers cafes and homes in Catalonia.   It is funny to me how this purge and teary eyed confessions can be good for the soul and bad at the same time. Look no further than SKY’s inquisition for proof of this.

Frankly speaking its got me a little bummed out, which could be why I’ve been silent on it. Well, kinda silent. Last week I wondered/ranted a loud if my current fascination with cyclo-cross has to do with its stronger (at least here in the States) anti-doping stance. I am willing to concede that the people I follow on Twitter take a strong anti-doping stance so I’m in a bubble. Also, very few people take a pro-doping stance, so I’ve written myself into a corner.

I lost interest in the sport after Flyod got popped. I didn’t really race back then, but I was starting to get into it and seeing another round of cheaters took it out of me. Climbing as a life style took over and cycling became a
way of getting around. In climbing the dopers are clearly marked — they’re the one’s wearing an oxygen mask.

This time however I will not despair. There are long rides to do, ‘cross bikes to build and races to race. Those things have nothing to do with PRO cycling. They have to do with finding enjoyment in a life with things that are much more important than doping scandals.


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