Skills Skills Dolla Dolla Bills.

Cyclo-cross, as practiced terribly but your self deprecating author, is a game of skill. Skills I don’t have. They are coming, albeit slowly, but there is still a long way to go. I consider myself an okay, road racer in my humble category, which is that of a three. A cat. often populated with people who think they know how to race, but really don’t know shit about the actual nuts and bolts of this racing thing. I don’t know much about racing, but I can finish near the front of a road race. But a crit? Not a chance.

Why is that?


Like my favorite male model I have a difficult time turning. Left or Right. Guess what. Cross has corners, lots of them. My strength means shit because the fast guys are fast because they can take a turn without coming to a near dead stop. I don’t think my friends, who has often tell me that I am too hard on myself would agree that I need to work on this. So today after work I put myself along the the 205 bike path going through muddy S turns. Several times.

I maybe spent twenty minutes just cornering. That twenty minutes, of riding slow focusing on taking the right line, was better for me than doing 2x20s or whatever other intervals I could have been doing. That twenty minutes needs to be a couple of hours. That twenty minutes from f cornering is also reminding me that I can only improve who I am by taking an honest assessment of what I’m doing wrong and start doing it right.


2 thoughts on “Skills Skills Dolla Dolla Bills.

  1. Thanks for posting this.. It’s been a pleasure to read 🙂

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