See a Man Cry

Talyor Phinney came over the Cauberg on top of his gear. The twenty-two year old crushed the next fastest time, which had been set earlier by Vasil Kiryienka. Phinney’s ride was fantastic, but sadly he didn’t have enough time to even reach the hot seat as Tony Martin came blazing down the final stretch in his trademark slow cadence style, pushing a 58 tooth big ring. He beat Phinney by six seconds.

After the race a camera man walked back behind the curtain where Taylor was sitting. Phinney say, with his head in his hands and appeared to be crying as his soigner wiped down his legs. A towel was quickly thrown over his head and the camera man was ushered out the door. Now its no secret that this author will partake in a good cry every now and again. Hell, I even had one this morning. It wasn’t so much seeing Phinney crushed after gutting himself, but more of my own thing I had going on. Still, I couldn’t help but feel for the kid (He’s ten years my junior so I get to call him “kid”).

He’s only twenty-two, so its only a matter of time before he gets to wear the stripes.

So Taylor, have a good cry, but keep your head up because you rode well today. Hat’s off!


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