Change of Pace, Scenery, and Speed.

I could have given this post some fancy title like: Crossed, or, Crossed out, or Cross-threaded. Something lame and cheeky and having to do with the transition to Cyclocross season. But this post isn’t really about me suddenly embracing cyclocross, though I am excited to do some races. Cross here is heavy on the culture of the discipline, which is something I’m just not that into. Also the idea of lining up 150 other people to race around a small dirt course kinda terrifies me.

But since we’re honest here I still have to admit that excitement probably doesn’t cover it. As I keep reading on how to dial my set up and nerding out on pictures of Pro’s bikes.

My intention in picking up the cross frame was to have a bike I could throw some 30s on and cruise my base miles in full fendered comfort. What’s happened is that I have begrudgingly accepted that not only doing some races, but actually focusing on some ‘cross skills is going to make me a better road racer. Which is something I want.
This post road season period in the road training cycle is called “Transition”. Its supposed to be a time of unstructured training, a mental and physical break from the rigors of structured training.  I need this change of pace, scenery and speed to recover from my road season. Last year that recovery meant sitting on my ass and eating. This year it means learning to ride fatter tires in the gravel, dirt and mud, as well as relearning how how to dismount, run and remount and pedal away. It also means toeing the line next Tuesday to face my fear of taking corners in the dirt.

Grainy photo of a new tool for a new job.


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