So Hot Right Now.

It’s been a while since I’ve given a shout out to things I’m digging at the moment.

Freebird Velo:

The fine lady running this small ETSY shop is putting out some killer T-Shirt designs. They are beautiful in their simplicity and their quirkiness. There was also a Mussette she had made, which I ordered and put to good use. Despite it’s small size it carries a fair amount of stuff and is perfect for when you don’t need/don’t want to carry a backpack. I’m thinking of having her make me a slightly larger one, out of a waterproof fabric for the wet months.



Rereading old Favorites:

A short twitter conversation with Heidi Swift prompted me to pick up a book I first read ten years ago. I loved Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion then, based more on the situation I found myself in at the time, and I love it now that I’m in different place. Winterson is a master of the written work and I find my stopping to reread certain passages two or three times. The flow of the words, and their content are stunning. Rereading this book makes me want to go back and mine other favorites for things I might not have been attuned to in my younger days.
Field Notes Notebooks:

In addition to being a big pack nerd (see above), I also geek out about mundane things like notebooks. Picked up my first 3 pack of these a little over a month ago and have since re-upped my supply. The paper is great (I prefer the grid pattern, for no specific reason), heavier weight so things don’t bleed through too bad and the lines are unobtrusive. More a suggestion than a demand. The thicker stock cover holds up well (to say the least) to being crammed into my rear right pants pocket over and over again. Then sat upon multiple times a day. I shouldn’t be picky about such things, but I will be. This is now my go to notebook.


That’s it for now.  Back to answering phones.


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