What I Want Now ….


I skipped a race on Saturday. It was hot, the hottest day of the year in fact. But I can not use that as an excuse as I was out riding. I just wasn’t racing. I did go to the race, where I watched a teammate solo to a win in a technical crit. His second win of that type in his third crit ever. It didn’t make me want to race. That could be due to the heat, or it could be that I left my ride feeling satisfied.

The fact that I don’t want to race (on the weekends) is a little troubling to me. It could be that I don’t have any fitness right now, or that I knew I was going to struggle since I need to work on my corners. Since we value honesty here I have to say that I was afraid of being off the back again. Its a lame excuse, but its there and it needs to be acknowledged.

What I’m struggling with is the identity I’ve build up as a racer. I’ve hinted at here, but I haven’t come out about it. Right now, I’m much more into being a cyclist as opposed to being just a racer. I still love racing, read Friday’s post if you think otherwise). This could be evolution, or it could just be a much needed re-calibration. It could be part of the reason I’ve ditched the fancy GPS computer. Though I do kinda miss knowing how far I’ve gone exactly.

Today I put 28c tires on my bike. What ever boost I get in comfort, or lower rolling resistance is off set by the heavier weight. Not ideal for racing, but just might be ideal for the type of riding I’m into right now. The weather is nice here in PDX and there are some gravel roads I’d like to check out. Racing is still an important part of what I want, I just happen to be getting enough out of our weekly hammer fest. I just also want these other things too. Plus, if I can learn to corner well with these pontoons just wait till I put 25s back on.


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