Gorrila Gets Another Banana

Greipel took his second stage today, capitalizing on  a strong train and disrupted peloton. Yes the crash was just outside of the three K mark (everyone still got the same time as the winner). Greipel is strong for sure. His team is strong, and they managed to hold off a banged up Cav who was left to freelance once EBH was dropped him off a bit far from the line.

In the closing kilometers it looked like SKY was drilling it for the World Champ, like they were going to help him out after yesterday’s crash. At least that’s how Phil and Paul saw it, but you know how that goes. What they were really doing was trying to keep SKY’s dream of winning the tour alive by keeping Wiggo at the front. That’s the priority. Cav knows that.

Watching the race at Velo Cult this morning we kept discussing how sprint stages are boring until the last five kilometers or so. Though I do (now) love watching the teams jockey for position I have to agree that there aren’t many fireworks until the last 300 meters. But, if I have to give a hat tip to somebody it has to be the guys in break away. They spent the whole day off the front and still attacked. Way to go for it guys!

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