Train! I Don’t Need No Stinking Train.

These will be harder now that I can’t actually watch the stage, as the finishes take place during my commute. However that’s what videos and slacking off at work are for. Moving on. Cavendish took the stage today, just barely nipping his arch rival Andre Greipel at the line.

Lotto Belisol was the only team to organize an actual sprint train in what looked like a chaotic finish. From the video it looked like a lot of guys were struggling. Tyler Farrar had that stupid looking helmet on, but was then pushed out by someone in a white jersey. I kept looking for Cav’s bobbing yellow head, but it was no where to be seen. That’s because he was hiding behind a gorilla!

Cav is not known for his poise. Just watch a post race interview when something doesn’t go right. But that is after the race. During the race, when it really matters, is a different scenario. Under pressure Cavendish is calm and collected. I’m not an insider, but from the looks of it SKY just couldn’t get a real train put together, so he freelanced and jumped on the Lotto train. Cav knows that Greipel is a good wind block. So good in fact that you couldn’t see Cav back there, small as a mouse.

Its that calm in the final moments that’s going to allow him to win more stages. Sprint train or not.


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