I watched the last half of the Prologue  coverage on NBC — Versus — Uniwhatever this morning. Watching TTs are boring, except for when they show someone charging toward the line with their mouths wide open and their eyes gone cross. What I really wanted to see, what I was putting off breakfast for, was Wiggins putting his stamp on the this years Tour. Which he did.

Yes, Cancellara won by totally dominating the second half to the technical course. Yes, World Time Trial Champ Tony Martin did experience some technical mishaps, losing somewhere between fifteen and twenty seconds. But what matters for Paris three weeks from now is the fact that Wiggo stomped his GC contenders. Cuddles went hard, Ryder did is positioned well, but Bradley has told everyone that he is going to stomp their asses.

Side note: I don’t think anyone is going beat Wiggins, but how sweat would it be for Ryder to pull the Giro/Tour double? Which hasn’t been done since the Great Marco Pantani — who while great was — how do you say — less than clean.

What Wiggo gained today was a mental advantage. Which is the best advantage.

I hate the aesthetics of TT bikes, but love seeing the look of pain on the riders faces.

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