Why Wiggins will Take the Tour: A brief mussing

The Tour starts on Saturday (as discussed yesterday) luckily for me I’m spending the weekend in Seattle and will be able to watch the prologue and the first real stage on a large screen T.V. Don’t take that as brag, as I will be “watching” the rest via my twitter feed, or as torrent long after the winner has become known to me.

Yesterday I said that I think Bradley Wiggins will win the tour. There are several reasons for this, one of which is hinted at in the cycling news piece to be found here. The piece doesn’t hold much, as Armstrong and Bruyneel perfected the target the tour way of training. It is true, as Robert Millar should know, that the big stars used to race a lot more than they do now. Which, when you think about it seems silly since they get paid so much more than they did back in the day. That is a discussion for another day.

This new approach won’t be the only factor to Bradley winning the tour. Earlier this year I wondered how SKY was going to handle protecting both Cav and Wiggins. I didn’t think they could do it. I’m still not sure they can take both the yellow and green jerseys and Cavendish may not win five stages this year, but I’m confident that both will take at least one stage. Well Cav will take two, but not the five we are used to.

Wiggins will win the Tour because Team SKY have their shit together, Bradley is in top form and, most of all he is mentally STRONG. Which is what he is the muscle he’s going to need in order to survive the TTs. Which is what will give him his stage win. With each week long stage race win has come with a dominant win in a TT stage. While we want our champions to be win the big mountain stage, but really what could be cooler than stamping your victory with a win against the clock. After all, if someone is going to crack its going to be while stretched out over a TT bike. I think Wiggins is the only one to show that he has what it takes to pull that jersey on in Paris. 

We should get used to this picture.

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