Le Tour, Le Tour

Cycling’s biggest dog and pony show is upon us. I for one will never understand why the Tour is king, but that’s neither here no there. These things are the way they are and I am not the one to fight them. Even so, the Tour has an amazing Giro to live up to and let’s hope the tour of France can live up to it.

The allure of a grand tour is of course the drama. Everyday the races within the race play out in front of us.Of course two of the biggest drama makers are absent (Contador and Schleck). Even without the those riders, I think the tour will provide the best type of drama. Drama of the racing variety.

While your author will profess to having a greater love for the one day classics or the spring there is still something about the three week tours that can not be denied. The first races I watched with the eye of a cyclist were in the years before I moved to Stumptown. Early in the morning I would ride to the donut show where my sister worked, pick up a dozen before heading back down the street to Spin. Where we would sit on the couch and watch the days tour stage. There fore I look upon this race with fondness in my heart.

The teams have selected their protagonist and pundits have … errr pundatized (??? ) and while I’m not going to talk about who I think is going to win (Wiggo!) I will be watching intently for moments of extreme mental fortitude or massive mental breakdowns so that I may muse upon them on these pages. Also, my velogames team is going to kick some ass.


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