Refresh Pt. 1

I’m still in the nebulous phase known as the “Transition period”. Two weeks ago I was starting to feel like getting out on the bike was a chore. Something I had to do and not something I wanted to do. Still, I continued to ride after I decided to take a break. Truthfully I didn’t want to pay for the bus, which adds about thirty minutes to my commute (if I’m lucky. The trip home often takes longer). Add that to the five dollars a day it cost to ride public transit and we’re talking about some serious cost in time and money. Anyway…

Last week I was still feeling a bit run down. I just didn’t want to ride.

Then Friday something clicked. The ride into work sucked, I was pissy and … I don’t know what. I just wasn’t having a good time. The ride home was different. It could have been the rough day we had in customer service. It could have been that the sun was out and my arms and legs were bare. It doesn’t even really matter.

I rode home, in the sun, just happy to be on a bike. Which was a big step from the way I’d been feeling a few weeks ago.

The last two days have been the same. Beautiful weather and good feeling in the legs. I think its calledrest.


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