Breaks or Being a Cyclist and not a Bike Racer

Yesterday I got inpatient and decided to bridge up to an a lone rider off the front instead of sitting in and playing to my strength. It was an impetuous move, much like all of my moves during last year’s season. Which is out of character for this season. This is how it happens. You spend months building fitness for a shot  at two weeks of great form. My two weeks are up.

I could feel this coming on. You  wake up tired and slightly unmotivated. No. Unmotivated is the wrong word. Slightly less motivated is more like it.

It also comes to you in the numbers. I don’t own a power meter (not yet!) but I could tell that my matches were burning a bit more quickly and my jumps weren’t what they were. My cadence also dropped. I could also see this in the time it took me to get to work. Suddenly my commute was three minutes longer and the one steep hill hurt a bit more. All those little things add up to one thing. It’s time for a break.

For the next week and a half I will spend my weekends reading and writing, going for  hikes with The Lady. I’ll ride, but it will be to and from work. Not a bike racer, but a cyclist. Training takes time away from those things and its good to hit the reset button in the middle of the season.

I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted in this first half of the racing season. Still it wasn’t a bad one. I learned that what I was doing last year wasn’t really racing. So far this year I’ve dug way deeper than I ever did last year and that’s a good thing. The reward is in the work, not the end result.

But the result is nice too and I look forward to some of those later in the season. For now I rest.


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