Wiggins’ Mental Fortitude

Wiggo, glad the pain has ended. Photo from britishcycling.org.uk

Wiggins is on fine form heading into Le Tour. Like Cadel the year before Wiggins has won the Tour de Romandie. He ruffled some feathers when he won the stage one bunch sprint. From 400 meters out! But it was yesterday where he held it together and showed that he’s the man to watch in July.

In the opening minutes of Stage five’s uphill TT Wiggins dropped his chain as he tried to move from his big ring to the inner ring. Bradley stayed calm as he put his foot down, dismounted and fixed the problem. He lost fifteen seconds. Which is an eternity in a TT.  Wiggo remounted and DROPPED THE HAMMER. Not only did he take back the nine seconds he lost to to Louis Leon Sanchez, but managed to beat young upstart Andrew Talansky who had previously set the fastest time.

That type of cool is what’s needed to fight for a grand tour. Namely that little three week stage race through France. Wiggins came close to acknowledging as much when he said 

“It was a true test of a GC rider; it had a bit of everything in it plus a mechanical for myself. I’m pleased with the way I handled that moment because a few years ago I might have thrown my toys out of the pram and chucked my bike down the ravine! It was a good test for the bigger races coming up and I’m delighted. I think [this year] is a result of the hard work I’ve put in this winter. I’ve really grafted at it and hopefully there’s more to come.”

That’s what its going to take. Good luck, good form and plenty of mental cool.



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