Cobble Monster

mmmm.. Cobble stones good.... nom nom nom

Four wins. Four giant cobblestone trophies. AMAZING

I woke just in time to watch the last hour of Tom’s ride through the Hell. It didn’t look like he was sweating the hell part. The first words I uttered yesterday morning were “Oh god”, which brought the Reverend Hill her living room to see what event was so monumental that I would take the lords name in vain at such an early hour.

Rev. Hill: “What’s happening?”

Me: “Oh, this guy’s off the front all alone trying to win the biggest race of his career.”

I then went on to explain everything that was happening and why it was important that this particular guy was off the front. Then how four wins was nearly unheard of, and a bunch of other stuff I’m sure she didn’t care to know. I then plopped my ass on the couch and watched the magic happen. I can’t wait to watch the this again (and again and again and again), but this time actually see when the split happened.

We’ve come to expect this from Cancellara. Hell it IS what he does. But Boonen … the sprinter? No. I can honestly say that I have never in my life heard that Tornado Tom was a good, or even fair Time Trialist… ever. I’ve heard that you know when your legs are good. That you know the moment you wake up. But to then take the bold step and try to just ride away from everyone when your strong suit is the sprint? That takes a lot of belief.

When you attack solo and try to make it stick from that far out you aren’t just battling the rivals behind you, but also the voice of doubt in your own head.

Thanks for showing the way Tom.


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