Perilous Podiums Predictions

I’m not much into the prediction game. Bike racing is a fickle mistress and strong legs often fall to a turn of bad luck. Still, I couldn’t help but think about what the Flanders podium will look like after I saw that Peter Sagan took today’s DePanne stage.  I read that Sagan isn’t even on King Kelly’s list, however that’s not going to stop me from putting him on the Flander’s podium.

Sagan has three wins and two high placing in races that shouldn’t meet up with his young legs (ie, he took 4th! at San Remo, and only because his leader was up the road). That includes a second place to Boonen last Sunday. There’s internet chatter about him potentially being the next Merckx. I think that’s a bunch of poppycock. There is only one Eddy (Side note: why do we always make to people out to be the next whoever? Why can’t we just be content with the present, instead of trying to make modern riders (and other entertainment people) fit a mold from the past. Racing is different now! Get over it!).

What is Peter Sagan then? He’s just one of a few very exciting riders coming up. Want another one? Edvald Bossen Hagen, and we’ll have to see what Phinney does once he matures a bit more. What else is Peter Sagan? HE’S ON FORM THAT’S WHAT HE IS!

But (with my limited knowledge) it seems that a big part of racing in Belgium is local knowledge. Something he may or may not have. Which is why he’ll be at the lower step. That’s the only solid prediction I’m going to make. The top two steps will be split between Boonen and Cancellara, depending on where Chavanel ends up (he’s also my dark horse pick).

Either way, it is going to be where more exciting than the post I wrote about the great battles that are in our future.

I'm a big fan of these bike toss finishes. So much so that I've been practicing them like a goober. (Taken from cycling weekly)

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