Comes Down to the Line

Close enough to make you cry

As I talked about a few weeks back Tornado Tom is on fire! This weekend saw Boonen take not one, but two World Tour race wins. First he frustrates Oscar Feire (who claimed to not know the finish) at the line in E3. Then yesterday he takes his third Gent – Wevelgem. He’s on form for next week’s most important race in Belgium.

Not to take away from Boonen’s win, it was great. However there were plenty of better sprinters who were taken (or took themselves out) out of the final Ks when they couldn’t follow the attacks over the Monteberg. Quickstep also stacked the final group with turquoise and white jerseys. I won’t give a run down (peep the video below), as that’s what the Inner Ring is for.

What I will say is that I have a new found appreciation for the sprint. Last year I paid nearly zero attention to them. I found them boring. And while not as exciting as watching a break away go for the win is still more exciting than watching a lead out train at work, there is a certain beauty and harshness to watching a sprint go down. Doubt me? You did watch the video right? Check that crash.

The reason for this is purely selfish. I’m willing to admit that. It wasn’t until the end of last season that I gave up on my first dream of being an excellent climber. Then gave up on second dream of being a break away specialist. This year I’ve accepted where my cards need to be played and that’s in the final charge to the line.

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